Six out of ten women report problems in their sex life. To help them, scientists decided to develop a pill that would help improve their libido. Whether we said goodbye to the “headache” late at night remains to be seen.

He wants to, but he can’t. Theoretically, he can, but he doesn’t want to. Sometimes there are whole worlds between the problems of a man and a woman in bed. However, all this may soon change. Researchers in the field of pharmacology is going to create a pill that resembles Viagra in action, only for women.

It turns out that the need for such a drug is becoming more and more palpable. In a study by the German Association for Sexual Medicine, it was found that out of 4,500 participants, six out of ten women had sexual problems. Despite the great interest in a product that increases libido in women, experts say that it is difficult to create a good drug with such an effect and minimal side effects.

The key to pleasure lies in the brain

It is for this reason that drugs that increase blood flow, such as Viagra, do not have the desired effect. Therefore, over time, the drugs Libridos and Libido were tested in two clinical trials in the United States, in which 200 affected women participated. Libido is for women who do not respond to sexual stimulation at all. Libidos, on the other hand, is for ladies who feel aroused but are easily exposed to daily stress, which negatively affects their sex life.

Medicines consist of 2 active substances: they are wrapped in testosterone, have a minty flavor, and are taken by first holding them in the mouth for a while before swallowing. The hormone testosterone makes a woman more sensitive to sexual stimuli. The difference between the two drugs is that Librido contains the active ingredient of Viagra – sildenafil. Its action is manifested by an increased blood supply in the genital area. On the other hand, Libridos is made up of buspirone, which is used in people with generalized anxiety disorder as it permanently increases the production of serotonin in the brain and stimulates self-control.

Low libido as an indicator of other problems

There are many factors that affect the sex drive of both men and women. Some people had unpleasant or even traumatic experiences, and others had fluctuations in hormone levels or some kind of mental anguish, but the most common causes of decreased libido are problems in relationships with a partner, stress, and depression. In such cases, psychotherapy gives very good results, and at the discretion of the doctor, you can switch to drug treatment with antidepressants.