Compound JQ1 is an inhibitor of spermatogenesis, the production of male gametes. It also has a lowering effect on the speed of spermatozoa.

Both of these factors are key to male fertility and this pill manages to suppress them simultaneously and most importantly: completely reversible. When the substance is interrupted for a few days, the testicles begin to produce normal and healthy cells again.

The JQ1 compound is planned as a key component of the first “pill” for men, a contraceptive that prevents pregnancy during sex without a condom.

The compound not only stops a man’s fertility abruptly and quickly, but it does so without any side effects. After its removal from the body, reproductive abilities are quickly fully restored.

Although it seems a daunting prospect for a man, according to a survey conducted in the Americas, almost 70% of men are willing to take such a drug if it is guaranteed to work and has no side effects.

Currently, there are only oral contraceptives for women, which are often based on hormonal drugs and cause many side effects and hormonal imbalances. The scientific team is confident that JQ1 will not affect testosterone levels in the male body.

As is often the case in the history of scientific discovery, this compound was discovered by accident. It was originally intended for use in cancer therapy but ironically proved to be very “effective” in controlling fertility.

Its clinical trials begin this year, which means that, with any luck, it will hit the market soon.